27 Charcos

Hey everyone, Sorry for the long wait- I guess I lost track of time! Anyway, one of the more exciting things I’ve done the past few weeks is go to 27 Charcos, which is… Continue reading

Classes and Academic Things

Buenos dias, True, given the nature of my previous posts it may seem that I do nothing but lay on the beach, enjoy the sun, and lounge around. And, yes, this all happens… Continue reading

Museo Hermanas Mirabal

Howdy,   Earlier this month, we went to visit the house-turned museum and memorial site of the Hermanas Mirabal (Mirabal Sisters). Who were the Hermanas Mirabal? Well as some of you may know, for… Continue reading

Carnaval 2013

Hola amigos, Well, this February was Carnaval season! This means a month-long fiesta where people dress up in super elaborate costumes and parade around. And here in the DR this also means that… Continue reading

Playa Ensenada/Cayo Arena

Hey everyone,   Sorry for the delay! I’ve been pretty busy with school and stuff recently, but I did want to get a chance to update you all about a really awesome beach… Continue reading

Samaná (Pt 2)

Okay back again, So, the rest of our stay in Samaná was equally as magical as the first day. First, we had an amazing breakfast of eggs, fruits (papayas, pineapples, mangoes, etc.), cereal,… Continue reading

Samaná (Pt 1)

Hola, ¿Qué lo qué? (what’s up?). This weekend we had a great, great adventure to a wonderful land called Samaná, which is on the northeastern part of the island and is part of… Continue reading

We went to the countryside (English)

Hey everyone, So here’s the English version of the last post I wrote. Basically, last weekend was a long weekend for everyone in the country because it Monday was the Dia de la… Continue reading

Fui Al Campo (Español)

Ok amigos, Este blog es para Victoria, porque todo estará en español!! Jaja, qué chulo. Bueno…este fin de semana fue el día de la Altagracia, que es una celebración de la Virgen María,… Continue reading

Santo Domingo and a Baseball Game

Hola chic@s, We spent a day in the capital of Santo Domingo this past Sunday, though we only got to visit certain areas. We spent most of our time in the zona colonial,… Continue reading